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No passion or enthusiasm was spared for any of our projects.

The First Batman Hologram Experience in Asia

In conjunction with Batman’s 75th Anniversary, an exhibition featuring the entire timeline and history of the creation of this iconic superhero in Pavillion KL is expected to raise the bar for on-ground events, especially when Malaysia is one of the earliest countries to celebrate the birthday of the Dark Knight.


The organizers were hoping to give their audience a more immersive experience and interaction during the event. We proposed the BATMAN Live! Hologram Experience – and ever since they bought the idea, Malaysia is now the first in Asia to use holograms to revive the fleet of classic Batmobiles over the years in 3D, dating all the way back in May 1939.


Our hologram technology in The Batcave became the biggest attraction of BATMAN’s 75th Anniversary Celebration in Pavilion KL. The event and the holographic experience received wide coverage in the media as Malaysia is one of the earliest countries to hold this event, and we are the first in Asia to unveil the Batman Hologram Experience.

DSYR.COM’s Design Marketplace is an online marketplace for the work of talented local designers. Going by the mantra ‘Let’s Redesign Normal’, the items/products that they sell are specially chosen by their Creative Curators, whose tasks are to scour the local scene and globe for the most interesting designs and creative pieces – ranging from home, fashion, kitchen to gadgetry. has big potential but their biggest issue is difficulty in building awareness for their brand, part of this is due to a lack of physical presence (store). Everything is currently online. GXM was tasked to design and lead the creative direction for’s first on-ground event (DSYR Design Marketplace) – a great opportunity to introduce the brand to the public.


Beginning with strategy and creative direction, foundations were laid for a two-day event at The Bee@Publika, a venue ripe with DSYR’s target market. The fully integrated campaign utilised a developed microsite as the core with target consumers engaged through multiple platforms - social media management, posters, leaflets and electronic mails. The same message and theme was held true throughout all the platforms to maintain uniformity of voice.


Throughout a two day period, DSYR’s Design Marketplace boasted an attendance of close to 600 guests. The event was deemed a success by the client with numerous compliments received from several parties on the event and Creatives (posters, copy, etc). Also, response from the attendees was overwhelming as they flocked to the various event activities and took their time taking in the products and displays. received mention in blogs, online news portals and also forums. On top of that, DSYR was also a huge success on social media sites. Instagram alone pulled down close to 150 photos with the event hashtag #DSYRDesignMarketplace.

JAK Development

JAK 3D Artist Impression, Web and Marketing Materials

Wyn On Burke is 17 luxury apartments located in the suburbs of Balwyn North, Melbourne. Designed by a young award-winning international architectural team, JAK Development’s objective is to present the whole project as an affordable luxury home in the suburb. as well as a golden investment opportunity.


In this project, we collaborated with our branch in Melbourne to deliver all 3D artist impressions on the home’s exterior and interior designs, as well as its marketing collaterals including Wyn On Burke’s website, brochure, editorials and write-ups for various ad spaces.

Yipieyaya Studio

Lid & Let Live - Sound Booth and Multitouch Integrated Photo Booth

Our first venture into the world of artistic photography saw INVADE adding our own artistic touch to top Malaysian photographer Chuan Looi’s debut exhibition.


Integration of a multitouch screen with a sound cum photo booth.

In order to not only go in-line with but to also enhance the exhibition experience, the resulting solution was a multitouch screen integrated sound/photo booth that added an additional layer of interaction and engagement to a linear exhibition. While in the booth, participants’ reaction pictures were silently taken. Upon exiting the booth, participants were pleasantly surprised to see them displayed on a multitouch screen with social media sharing functions – an additional event awareness building platform.


A share-worthy experience.
Over 6,400 photographs were taken throughout the exhibition with up to 12% sharing their photos online via e-mail or social media. The e-mails achieved a surprising international effect with unique open users from the United States making up over 40% of the total and even a decent 3% in Russia.


L'OCCITANE 10th Years Anniversary Augmented Reality Experience

In conjunction with its 10th Anniversary, L’Occitane Malaysia has thrown a big celebration at Oval Concourse 1Utama to celebrate ten beautiful years of delivering the essence of Provence to its loyalists in Malaysia. We were tasked with driving traffic to the on-ground event via social media.


What’s better to celebrate an all-natural product than with natural beauty?

This season, we have taken the bold step in encouraging women to come forward as they are in their own skin; to let their natural beauty take the limelight. Beginning from strategic planning to creative execution via Facebook and Instagram, the #naturallyloccitane hashtag scored over 500 selfies of female participants, young and old, with no makeup on and no aftereffects photo-editing.


Over 6800 participants in the AR booth within two weeks in Mid Valley alone. The hype was brought over to Lowyat Plaza in Bukit Bintang and 1Borneo Hyper Mall in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, totalling to about 1600 participants for the AR booth.

Nano G Sdn. Bhd.

Nano G Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media & Advertising

The typical waterproofing process often involves contractors to hack up the whole floor and walls before fixing the leakage. A big hassle for a small leak, indeed, but that’s how it’s always been done in Malaysia. And Nano G spotted the opportunity to introduce a new D.I.Y. waterproofing product into the Malaysian market. Now with a paintbrush, you can simply waterproof virtually all kinds of surfaces.


The first step was to lay a strong foundation for the new brand, preparing all the necessary communication touch points and marketing materials. After establishing a significant online presence on social media, we head towards places and on-ground events where most people gathered there will regard Nano G’s products as highly revolutionary. Given the honour to officiate the opening ceremony of Archidex 2014, Malaysia's largest annual trade exhibition, Nano G’s products quickly gained nationwide recognition and are now preparing to penetrate the consumer market.

Website, E-Commerce and E-Newsletter Development

Marketing Collaterals and Business Cards

Product Demonstration Video

On-ground events

Taylor’s University

Taylor’s Alumni – That’s My Dad Campaign

We were tasked to create a contest application for Father’s Day to boost interaction and participation on the Taylor’s Alumni Facebook page.


Engaging with our audiences through comedic-style visuals. A contest Facebook App was created for Father’s Day with 35 sets of comics created. Each set of comics depicted a regular stereotype that all of us can relate with based on the multiple roles our Dad plays in our lives, be it as the ‘Overprotective Guardian’, ‘ATM machine’ or even ‘The Handyman’.

Through the heart-felt messages delivered via the comics, app users will then have to pick a comic strip that best describe their dad and attach their own creative caption along for submission. Taylor’s will then pick the winning message.

Transformers 4 Augmented Reality Photo Booth

In conjunction with the screening of the much-anticipated Transformers: Age of Extinction, an exhibition featuring gigantic Autobot replicas standing over 2-storeys tall in Mid Valley is expected to drive movie ticket sales upon the movie’s release. The organizers were hoping to give their audience a more immersive experience and interaction during the event.


With our Augmented Reality* technology, we managed to connect the audiences to an alternate universe. Like how Hollywood utilized the green screen for realistic special effects behind the scenes, we had our users walk into a green screen to alter their surroundings, making it as if they were in China standing next to the magnificent Grimlock.

*Augmented Reality (AR), enables us to digitally manipulate a virtual version of our surroundings in the real world.


  • Over 6800 participants in the AR booth within two weeks in Mid Valley alone.
  • The hype was brought over to Lowyat Plaza in Bukit Bintang and 1Borneo Hyper Mall in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, totalling to about 1600 participants for the AR booth.