Our Story

We’re only a year younger than the fictional Millennium bug. Starting first as a video production house in 2001, GXM has eventually evolved into the integrated ad agency that it is today. From the starting point till this day, we have always stayed true to one concept, one same approach that we have maintained for all our work – the consumer-first approach.

One of our very first jobs, our pioneer account if you may, was Channel [V], an enjoyable experience that had us truly flexing our creative muscles to produce the channel’s famous stations IDs. 3D, 2D, illustrations, you name it, we created it.

But it wasn’t long before GXM began its venture into the digital. The move was sparked by a realisation that digital was where consumers were turning their heads to. And it was the KL Convention Centre corporate website that truly marked our breakthrough onto this platform.

From that point on, as most would say the rest is history. But for GXM, that was only the beginning. The concept of consumer-first approach continued to aid us on our evolutionary path as we transformed into not only a video production or a web-design company but a creative integrated advertising agency. With consumers always at the centre of what we do and with the growing array of communication channels, it is in our nature to follow suit and provide our brands with a 360 cross-channel presence to get their message across, wherever their consumers are.