TAKEOVER everyday objects and surfaces to create a surreal, engaging experience that will definitely captivate your audience. TAKEOVER is a highly advanced projection mapping technology that projects images, videos or animations onto virtually any surface, even skyscraper buildings for a larger than life experience.


It is the age of new creative mediums, ones that far outstrip traditional mediums and were once thought to belong only in the wildest of sci-fi imaginations. Leading the way in this new media revolution is none other than TAKEOVER, also known as the technology of projection mapping.

Heralding the dawn of a new age of creative media, TAKEOVER brings to life the surface of everyday objects and even skyscraper buildings. TAKEOVER has the ability to figuratively TAKEOVER any surface no matter how irregular and turn it into an audience-captivating display surface of infinite possibilities.

Launching a new car model? Give it life by projecting animations onto the new car itself to awe. Holding an outdoor party? Create a larger than life party experience by turning a building's surface into a huge animated music equaliser that reacts to sound. With TAKEOVER the possibilities for advertising and event planning, are truly endless.



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