Unirazak Website
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  • Information Architecture
  • HTML development
  • Content Management System (CMS) Development
  • Word of Mouth

Unirazak, one of the first private universities of Malaysia, is a forward-thinking educational institution that aspires to become the leading institution in providing quality education and human capital. Unirazak hopes to offer its students a higher quality teaching experience through constant upgrading of its syllabi and implementation of innovative teaching methods, and finally boost its presence in the global education market.

Unirazak saw space for improvement in its enrolment numbers, through enhancing its online presence – the Unirazak website http://www.unirazak.edu.my.

Unirazak’s website was not supporting its marketing efforts and not boosting enrolment because it was:

  1. Not engaging, all information, no sale;
  2. Confusing and messy at times;
  3. Not accessible and inconvenient to use by the new generation’s devices.

Instead of a simple revamp and maintaining the typical school structure that is focused on providing information and latest news, GXM redeveloped the Unirazak website into a Marketing-oriented information hub that is aesthetically Charming, extremely Practical, and User-Friendly.

What has been done?
The engaging Unirazak website was revamped with 3 main points:

a. Marketing
Faithful to our belief, GXM redeveloped the Unirazak website with Marketing at its core. After serious content prioritization, the revamped website is now 30% information and 70% selling, and utilizes the marketing principles of AIDA, provided in the normal human eye movement of “top-down, left-right”:

  • Attention
    The user’s attention is first captured with an attention grabbing banner where a catchy phrase is placed at the top of the page.
  • Interest
    “10 Reasons to Study at Unirazak” is provided once the user’s attention is caught or the user is interested to find out more about Unirazak.
  • Desire
    Financial aids and awards available at Unirazak further arouse the user’s desire to study at Unirazak.
  • Action
    Users are encouraged to apply for a course with Unirazak through the Course Recommender, and Apply for a Course button which is always within sight.

The carefully placed images within the engaging website are used to evoke emotions of Internationality, Pride, Professionalism, and Maturity. For best results, each School is color coded and sold individually, enabling a more targeted approach for every School.

b. User-Centric Experience
The website user’s experience is given top priority when designing the layout and navigation of the website, to keep the user comfortable and interested, and consistently guiding the user towards what they wish to know:

  • Guided Navigation
    Through effective use of navigation bars and a sitemap that makes good sense, users always know where they are, what they are looking for, and what they can do next.
  • Course Recommender
    Users are given quick suggestions on courses that best meet their needs, saving them the time to screen through courses blindly.
  • Intelligent Quick Links
    A list of the most visited pages is provided to help users determine what other pages they might want to visit.
  • Easy Reading
    Contents are kept clear, concise, and effective to avoid boring users.
  • Convenient Tools
    Little widgets like Calendars, a Search Engine, Enlarge/Shrink Text and Print Page, to suit the needs of different users.

c. Portability and Accessibility
Understanding that one of the website’s main functions was to draw new recruits (new generation), GXM recognized the need to ensure that the Unirazak website was easily accessible by the new generation:

  • Mobile Friendly
    The Unirazak website was redeveloped to be portable and accessible by the new generation’s devices, i.e. Mobile Phones, iPhones, iPads, Android Phones etc.
  • Loads Fast
    Content file size was minimized to ensure that the website loads fast even on mobile devices, and to suit the less patient younger generation.
  • Socialize It!
    The Unirazak website was made shareable on the new generation’s most commonly used social networks for users to identify with the Unirazak brand, and also to take advantage of the viral marketing power of social networking.
  • Loves Google
    GXM understands that a website serves no purpose unless it is found. We have taken strong efforts to ensure that proper SEO is in place for the Unirazak website and has successfully placed Unirazak at the top of Google’s search results for many keywords.

The Unirazak website now has an average of 85,000 visitors per month, and an average of 11,000 of those converted into visitors arriving at the “Apply for a Course” page.


While we are unable to definitely claim the number of applications that have been submitted because of the implementation of the marketing-orientation of the website, we are proud to say that having an average of 11,000 visitors arriving at the “Apply for a Course” page every month is very impressive, and even after computing the Bounce Rate, the remaining 5170 visitors is still very exciting.

User-Centric Experience
We ran a survey among some of the users that used the new Unirazak website and found that 87% of the users rated the website as 5 stars (Best), 12% rated the website as 4 stars (Good), and the remaining 1% stated they were “Not sure”. The most commonly given comments were “user-friendly”, “easy to navigate”, “straight to the point”, “viewable on iPhone”.


The Unirazak website revamp successfully achieved the objectives set out, having a high average of 5170 visitors/month spending significant time on the “Apply for a Course” page, and fortifying the Unirazak brand as one who is always pioneering the industry.